The EX9486C-W-MTCP provides a simple and cost effective solution to integrate serial devices with Modbus RTUprotocol in a local area network (LAN). Thus, it is possible to control Modbus RTU devices from a Modbus TCP/IP server via Wi-Fi. The compact and mechanically robust PVC housing is designed for industrial environments. The EX9486C-W-MTCP supports Wi-Fi, has one RS-232/422/485 serial port that is selectable.

• Modbus RTU/ASCII Slave to Modbus TCP Master
• Modbus TCP Slave to Modbus RTU/ACSII Master
• Modbus modes*4 Browser selectable
• Support 8 TCP Masters simultaneously
• Support serial Master access to 8 TCP Slaves
• Web Browser Configuration
• Easy Wireless setup by PC or Mobile
• Supports 802.11b/g/n


Downloads manual

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